At St. Cecelia we continue to grow in all aspects, and our youth ministry doesn’t fall behind. Some of our goals from our new beginning after the pandemic have been met. Others, we still are happily working towards them and yearning for them. Today, we are more than acquaintances with many of our families amongst the parish and their young ones, but we still know and recognize there’s a long way to go. Our main goal continues to be the same; to promote God’s Love and help others meet and love Him and enjoy and have fun doing so! But we cannot love what we don’t know: But how can they call upon the name of the Lord without having believed in Him? And how can they believe in Him without having first heard about Him? And how will they hear about him if no one preaches about Him? ( Rom 10:14) As children of God, we know and love our responsibility to share The Good News; to meet our youth where they are at in their faith and journey and bring them closer to Jesus. (Mk 16:15).

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