We are St. Cecelia Youth Ministry!

Chris Marte – Assistant Youth Coordinator

High School students meet weekly with our youth group on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm. In January, we’ll amp up our youth program with awesome activities here and around our community to bring our young people closer to Christ.

My goal is to help this ministry grow, and bring people to know God. I want kids to find a safe place, a loving place, a place that they want to be at where they enjoy church and their time at St. Cecelia. I want to delete the thought or feeling of “I have to go to church”, and turn that around so they can grow in their hearts their need to be at church, and that they yearn for that time with God.

I have been a member of St. Cecelia my whole life and participated in the Youth Ministry here as a student, so I am especially excited to be part of this ministry!

Contact me in the parish office at 727-447-3494 ext. 124.

What Do We Do?

During sessions we discuss Church teachings or Scripture, dive into teen-relevant issues, and also just have social time for the teens to have lots of fun and really create those lasting friendships. For dates and information, contact Beth Barringer at dre@stceceliachurch.org. There is a fee each year for the program, and scholarships are available.

Will We Do Cool Stuff?

Youth group participants have done several events/trips throughout the year in the past: Spring Retreat, Camping trips, March for Life and more. We do some awesome activities over the summer too such as Summer Camps, Mission Trips, Steubenville Conferences, Camping, Whitewater Rafting, among others.