The Parish Pastoral Council shall be comprised of nine members of the Christian faithful in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Members are to be nominated for their active involvement in the parish, their understanding and support of the mission of the church, and their firm faith, good morals and prudence.

In addition, they must be at least 21 years of age and be active and contributing members of St. Cecelia Church with at least two consecutive active years of membership in the parish, prior to the appointment. This is evidenced by their participation in and financial support of the parish. Prior and current staff members and their spouses are not eligible to serve as members of the Parish Pastoral Council.


The council meets monthly to discuss current events, diocesan goals, parish projects and upcoming milestones. The council works with the pastor, in an advisory role, to discuss and plan for the future of our church, with insight into upcoming events, challenges we face, and a desire to share responsibility for St. Cecelia Catholic Church’s growth and betterment.


The term of office shall be three years. No members may serve more than two consecutive terms, after which such members shall be ineligible for membership for two years. The term of office shall begin with the first regular meeting of the Council after the start of the church’s fiscal year. In the case of an interim vacancy, the pastor will appoint a new member who shall complete the unexpired term. The membership shall have their term staggered so that each year, three terms will expire.


Contact the parish office to receive a Nomination Form, to list the names of parishioners whom you identify as having the gift for leadership and the qualifications to serve on the St. Cecelia Parish Pastoral Council. You may nominate yourself or others. Individuals nominated will be contacted by the Advisory Committee regarding their nomination.


Each applicant for a position on the Council will submit a resume of their background and experience to include the following: Personal information to include education, work experience and personal qualifications; length of parish membership and ministry participation; any other information pertinent to membership on the Council. The pastor will appoint an Advisory Committee consisting of four to five members. The members of the Committee will review all the resumes submitted and interview all who applied. The Committee will also contact those individuals recommended by their fellow parishioners to ascertain their willingness to serve. Those who agree will also be asked to submit a resume of their background and will be interviewed by the Committee. The Committee will then make a recommendation to the pastor as to who he should consider appointing to the Council. All members of the Council will be appointed by the pastor. The pastor is to do all in his power to ensure through his appointments that the diversity of the parish is reflected in the Council; among other things, this includes sex, race, language, nationality, marital status and age.